3 Ladies Take on Boston

First of all, I have to introduce the friends that are in this adventure with me: Jessie, Erika, and Karry. They have been my besties since senior year. We bonded over the need to escape from the stressful realities that senior year imposed on us (mainly college applications and acceptances) and thus started the tradition of Girls Day Out, now lovingly shortened to GDO. Since its conception, GDO has always relied on the concept of "planned spontaneity" for these adventures.

(GDO at the art museum 12/11/18)

The whisperings of a trip to Boston started back in September when Erika kept texting us to go visit her (she goes to MIT, Jessie and I go to UTK, and Karry goes to Vanderbilt). I've always been the most impulsive of our group so when Erika forwarded a decently cheap plane ticket to Boston, I said "f*ck it, I'm gonna do it!!!" and bought the ticket right then and there without consulting my parents. I was initially not going to inform my parents that I was going, but then decided that, in the off chance that something bad happened to me on the trip, I at least wanted them to know where I would be. They were surprisingly fine with it, and their only concern was that I spent too much on the ticket.

Jessie, on the other hand, is very difficult to convince to behave impulsively. I only got her to buy a ticket to come with me (on top of months of relentless begging) after I won a bet about the ingredients of 冰糖雪梨 (a Chinese drink that consists of crystal sugar and snow pears). And then after two more hours of negotiations and persuading, she finally agreed. We were set for a girl's weekend in Boston!


Day 1: Journey to Boston and exploring Cambridge/MIT

  • my room

  • the highway

  • Nashville International Airport

  • Boston Logan International Airport

  • transit

  • various MIT buildings

  • Boomerangs (thrift store)

  • Izzy's Restaurant & Sub Shop

highlight of the day: me being an adult and actually being alone for a plane ride


Day 2: Exploring Boston!

  • MIT campus

  • transit

  • Boston Public Market

  • Dunkin' Donuts

  • Caffé Nero

  • Massachusetts State House

  • Boston Commons & Public Gardens

  • the Four Seasons Hotel

  • Newbury Street shops

  • The Friendly Toast

  • Prudential Center

  • Skywalk Observatory

  • Santouka Back Bay

  • Gong Cha

highlight of the day: snagging cannolis from The Bristol :)


Day 3: Last Day :(

  • MIT riverside

  • New England Aquarium

  • Institute of Contemporary Art

  • Wagamama

  • Taiyaki

  • Boston Logan International Airport

  • Vanderbilt

highlight of the day: getting held back by airport security because I wanted to take my leftover wagamama noodles home

Thanks for going on this adventure with me and my best buddies! Hope to catch you again later :)

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