turning 19 during a pandemic

In January, I had planned for my birthday to be this big bash. My friends and I would rent an Airbnb somewhere and spend the day exploring wherever we ended up. We would cook a meal together, watch the sunset, then the stars, then play tons of games, and finish off with a movie.

But 2020 said "no <3".

And thus, here we are, in a global pandemic.

Originally, during the beginning of quarantine, I thought I was going to go hiking and then swimming under a waterfall with a few friends that could go, but then I got scared of the other people that might be there while we were there. Then I had the idea of renting a pontoon and going out on the lake for the day, but I also got scared of that idea because you cannot social distance on a boat, and I didn't want to risk anyone's health for a few hours of pleasure.

The thought of me exposing anyone that I cared about (including my family) to the virus outweighed the thought of me having fun by FAR. So, I decided to avoid the risk altogether and do a zoom party. I have friends scattered all over the country, so this actually turned out to be the best idea, since more people could show up!

The question now was, how the hell do I make a virtual party fun?! I stressed for a few days over how best to virtually entertain all of my friends, most of whom don't know each other because I have multiple different friend groups.

After reading countless blog articles on "how to have a Zoom birthday party", I still needed something that screamed to the world that it was MY birthday. Then, it hit me while I was in the shower. A Kahoot! about me!!!!!!

I was set. The Leo in me popped out, and I got to work coming up with 50 questions that would stump even the closest of my friends. If my other friends didn't know me that well by the end of this Kahoot, they definitely know me now...

I also recently purchased this game Quiplash for one of the programs I help with during my job, and I knew that was going to be absolute insanity to play with my friends. I could not wait.

I decided to end off my Zoom party with a Netflix Party movie night. After much discussion and a few polls (the results called for "comedy" or "rom com") I made the executive decision that we were going to watch The Old Guard on Netflix. It was a great movie, and I highly recommend it.


watch the vlog below to see how my day turned out!


I'm very grateful that I was able to celebrate my birthday with the people that I love, even though we were not together in person. I think my Zoom party was as fun, if not more fun, than my 18th birthday in Chattanooga. It just goes to show that physical distance isn't that much of a burden as long as you have loving and supportive friends. Friendship > distance and I have been proving that since I moved from Wyoming to Tennessee a few years ago. Because in the end, we were still all connected in a way that mattered. As long as you keep your friends in your thoughts, the friendship will never die.

I am thankful for my friends I left behind whom I'm still connected with, the friends I made here in Tennessee, and everyone in between. Thank you for celebrating my nasty 19 with me and here's to hoping that my 20th isn't amidst a pandemic.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe loves.

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